FOCUS Minnesota – Freezer for Food Insecurity

The Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry is commencing its second Monthly Matching Gift Challenge by offering a matching gift of $1,000 to FOCUS Minnesota for a Beverage-Air Single Door Freezer, which will be used to appropriately store food for their weekly meal and their sandwich program to low-income and homeless school children, as well as for their food shelf. Please help FOCUS Minnesota fight food insecurity in the Twin Cities by donating as you are able.
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FOCUS Minnesota is a basic needs assistance agency offering hospitality and hope to those in need in the Twin Cities. The adults and children that they serve are located in a dense urban area that lacks adequate access to fresh and nutritional food. Please help them fight food insecurity by donating toward the $3,000 cost of a new freezer. The Mother Maria Ministry is now calling on individuals in the diocese to support the work of FOCUS Minnesota by matching the Ministry’s gift $1,000, or as they are able to give.

This freezer will make a great difference in the lives of food insecure children and adults in the Twin Cities. The freezer’s double-pane glass door provides visibility into the cabinet without the need to open the door. It has a self-closing feature to retain cold air, as well as a stay-open feature for restocking product. LED lights brighten the interior, making products easy to identify.

Last month, the Mother Maria Ministry successfully raised $2,500 for a children’s creative arts area for children served by Orthodox Detroit Outreach. Through April 2020, the Ministry will continue to hold Monthly Matching Grant Campaigns by offering $1,000 each month to an Orthodox ministry in Midwest America and asking for matching funds from individuals within the Diocese of the Midwest.

Find the Mother Maria Ministry on their Facebook page, and contact Fr. Jonathan Lincoln for more information at



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